Environment, Health & Safety
Dubai Natural Gas Company Limited (Dugas) operates a major MTBE manufacturing plant located on the shores of the Arabian Gulf. Raw materials include butane and methanol. Dugas operates pipelines and a loading jetty for export of condensate, propane, butane and MTBE.

EHS Policy

Dugas is committed to operating in a manner that seeks to achieve sustainable development and economic viability while continuing to safeguard the environment of Dubai and the health and safety of employees and the community.

To implement this Policy, Dugas will:
  1. Provide the management structure, personnel, financial and human resources necessary to minimize the potential adverse impacts of our operations on the environment and human health and safety.

  2. Provide education and training for all our managers, employees and contractors to impart an understanding of this Policy, promote the continued protection of the environment and human health and safety, and to hold the Managers and employees accountable for their performance.

  3.  Document and communicate Dugas’s Environment, Health & Safety Policy to all our employees, contractors, suppliers and visitors to Dugas facilities and the public as appropriate.

  4.  Comply with local environmental and safety regulations and other requirements to which Dugas subscribes.

  5.  Strive to meet the aims of this Policy by developing and implementing environmental management programs with defined objectives and targets.

  6. Prevent pollution and continually improve our environmental performance by implementing proven technology that is economically sound, promoting safe work practices and maintain property and equipment within acceptable pre-determined standards.

  7. Minimize waste and promote the conservation of environmental resources.

  8. Use cost effective methodologies for efficient use of materials, energy, water and other resources.

  9.  Monitor and evaluate our performance in achieving the objectives of this Policy, and implement regular audits to achieve responsible self-regulation of the Company’s operations. We will conduct periodic reviews by Senior Management of the effectiveness of our Environment, Health and Safety programmes, update this Policy when necessary, and reissue it to employees and the public as appropriate.

Energy Policy

As an energy intense manufacturer of MTBE, DUGAS strives to reduce its energy consumption and costs and promote the long-term environmental and economic sustainability of its operations.

DUGAS is committed to:
  1. Reduce energy use per unit of production by 5% in 5 years in our manufacturing operations starting from the current year.

  2. Ensure continual improvement in our energy performance

  3. Deploy information and resources to achieve our objectives and targets

  4. Uphold legal and other requirements regarding energy use, energy consumption energy efficiency.

  5. Consider energy performance improvements in design and modification of our facilities, equipment, systems and processes

  6. Effectively procure and utilize energy-efficient products and services