Quality Policy


Dubai Natural Gas Company Limited (Dugas) operates offshore gas gathering installations, natural gas processing facilities and an MTBE manufacturing plant located on the shores of the Emirate of Dubai. Raw materials include natural gas and imported feedstock. Dugas operates pipelines and a ship loading jetty for import of feedstock and export of condensate, propane, butane and MTBE products.

Customer Focus
  • Dugas has a commitment to satisfy its customers by concentrating on their needs and requirements in order to meet their expectations and to sustain long-term relationships with them.

  • Customer needs and expectations are identified through the Marketing and Customer Feedback processes and this information is used to determine and fulfill customer requirements.

Continual Improvement

Dugas has a commitment to improve product processes and associated services through the following:-

  • Providing training for all executives, managers, employees and contractors to make them aware of the importance of customer satisfaction, product/service quality and continual improvement, and to ensure that all employees understand their contribution towards these activities.

  • Maintaining a Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, to provide a mechanism for monitoring and evaluating processes, performance, effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Conducting Senior Management reviews of this Policy, the Quality Objectives and the Quality Management System as a whole, to check that they remain suitable and effective in meeting Company and customer requirements.

  • Providing personnel, facilities, equipment, maintenance, documentation, product certification and other resources necessary to operate the facilities.

  • Complying with regulatory and legal requirements relating to Dugas products and activities.

  • Conducting ongoing maintenance of plant and equipment to minimize downtime and maintain sufficient stocks of critical components to enable immediate repair and replacement.

  • Setting Quality Objectives and Targets and implementing a Management Programme for each.