Dugas has achieved a series of momentous milestones, none more so than the decision in late 1992 to build a plant to produce methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE). MTBE - an additive for unleaded gasoline - helps raise the octane level of gasoline by supplying additional oxygen during combustion, allowing cleaner, more complete burning, thereby reducing emissions.MTBE

This huge project was completed in just 30 months (in 1995), with MTBE now being dispatched worldwide by Dugas.

The project was one of the largest engineering feats ever undertaken locally and completion targets throughout were met or excelled, with stages coming on line prior to schedule.

Throughout the entire project the latest engineering techniques and computer-aided systems were utilized and installed to optimize safety and efficiency at the plant while ensuring every environmental safeguard possible was implemented.

The complex design of this facility is a tribute to the dedication of Dugas staff. Our own engineering office handled all process, instrument and piping drawings as well as civil, structural and instrument blueprints. Construction was also carried out in-house and the latest computer-aided systems were accessed to interface the existing Dugas plant with the entire MTBE complex. State of the art communication, data control and monitoring systems have been incorporated throughout the complex to improve safety, performance and reliability while reducing installation and maintenance costs. Every task was carried out with the precision which has now become the hallmark of Dugas operations.